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Joker Mystery Box 16
This box features the exclusive Colby EOL!

About the Colby EOL: First impressions mean a lot, you always want to leave your mark and blow someone right off their feet. Now you can do all of that with the Explosive Ordnance Launcher but that mark you left, well that's just a smoldering shell of a car from your well-placed grenade. The troops on the ground don't nickname it the End of Life for nothing.

Impress with one of three variants, each one crafted to precision and painted with aggressive shark mouth markings.

Deep Impact:
  • Concussion 40mm Grenades
  • 1 Open Slot

  • Low-Yield 40mm Grenades
  • 2 Open Slots

The Hammer:
  • Percussion 40mm Grenade
  • 1 Open Slot

Each Joker Mystery Box 16 randomly rewards one of the following prizes:

  • EOL Deep Impact
  • EOL Kickback
  • EOL The Hammer
  • Bishada Rapier Sport S4/Patriot V20 Super 4A (180 Days)
  • Vegas G20 4x4 'Gumshoe' (180 Days)
  • Patriot Vegas G24 (180 Days)
  • Charge Cisco 1804 (365 Days)
  • Dolton Fresno D 400 (365 Days)
  • Premium (30 Days)
  • Joker TAS20 - Tactical (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder PR2 (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder SD PR2 (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder LR PR2 (15 Days)
  • STAC 10 - Tactical R&D III (15 Days)
  • Nekrova ISS-b 'Dog Ear' (15 Days)
  • Agrotech VAS R-2 'Scepter' (15 Days)
  • Agrotech VAS R-2 'Crown' (15 Days)
  • PDW-57 'Dagger'
  • PSR 'Osprey' (15 Days)
  • CBMP 'Dart' (15 Days)
  • COBR-A 'Adder' (15 Days)
  • Premium (10 or 5 Days)
  • Random Armas Weapon ** (3 Days)

Joker Mystery Box Item Categories:
  • Orange = LEGENDARY
  • Purple = Epic
  • Blue = Rare
  • Green = Common

** Not including Rare Joker Mystery Box Weapons listed above.
99 G1C
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